The name Almonit אלמונית (pronounced “Almonit”) is a Hebrew name from the Torah. It is a feminine name that is mentioned in the Torah as the wife of a man named Jether the Ishmaelite. The precise meaning of Almonit אלמונית is not explicitly mentioned in the Torah text, so it can be subject to interpretation. However, there are a few possible explanations based on linguistic analysis: Concealed or Secretive: One possible interpretation is that אלמונית is derived from the Hebrew word “אלם” (elem), which means “concealed” or “mute.” In this sense, the name might connote someone who is mysterious or secretive. Faithful or Loyal: Another interpretation suggests that אלמונית is derived from the Hebrew word “אמון” (amon), meaning “faithful” or “trustworthy.” In this context, the name could signify a woman who is devoted or loyal.

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Cheikel, Hindi, Itzli, Jekuthiel, Sara

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