The name Amatzia is of Hebrew origin and has a rich history. It consists of two Hebrew words: “ama” meaning “people” or “nation,” and “tzia” meaning “strength” or “might.” Therefore, the name Amatzia can be understood to mean “the strength of the people” or “the might of the nation.” In the Torah, Amatzia is mentioned as the name of several individuals. The most notable figure is Amatzia, who was the tenth king of the Kingdom of Judah, ruling around the 8th century BCE. He is described as a righteous king who initially followed the commandments of God but later turned away from them. The name Amatzia carries positive connotations of strength and might associated with the people or nation. It can be seen as a name reflecting leadership qualities, bravery, and a connection to one’s heritage or community.

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Amiram, Avigal, Velia, Yatva, Ziv

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