The name Ariel has multiple possible meanings and interpretations: Lion of God: One common interpretation of Ariel is “lion of God.” It is derived from the Hebrew words “ארי” (ari), meaning “lion,” and “אל” (el), which refers to God. In this sense, the name can symbolize strength, courage, and divine protection. Hearth of God: Another interpretation associates Ariel with the Hebrew word “אור” (or), which means “light” or “fire.” Therefore, the name Ariel can also be understood as “hearth of God” or “altar of God.” It suggests a connection to the divine presence or a place of spiritual significance. Messenger of God: Ariel can also be associated with the Hebrew word “ארה” (ara), meaning “to gather” or “to bring together.” In this context, the name Ariel can signify a messenger or envoy of God, conveying a sense of divine communication or guidance. It’s worth noting that names can have different meanings and interpretations depending on cultural, religious, and personal contexts. While these interpretations provide a general understanding, the specific meaning of Aryel may vary based on individual preferences or cultural adaptations.

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Benet, Kershin, Kotzi, Ronya, Saadia

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