The name אביהו (pronounced “Avihu”) has Hebrew origins and is composed of two elements: “אב” (av), meaning “father,” and “יהו” (Yahu), a short form of the Hebrew name for God, “יהוה” (YHWH). Therefore, the name אביהו can be interpreted as “my father is Yahu” or “Yahweh is my father.” In the Torah (specifically in the book of Exodus), אביהו is the name of two individuals who were sons of Aaron, the brother of Moses. They served as priests in the Tabernacle, the portable sanctuary used by the Israelites during their wanderings in the wilderness. The name אביהו reflects a strong connection to the concept of fatherhood and a recognition of God’s paternal role. It signifies a person who acknowledges or declares that their father or source of strength is God.


Similar Names:

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Habakkuk, Heshel, Moshman, Rut, Yaar

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