The name אילי (pronounced “Ali” or “Aliy”) has Hebrew origins and carries several possible meanings. Here are the main interpretations: Ascendancy or exalted: אילי is derived from the Hebrew word “אֵל” (El), which is a term for God or a divine being. The name can be understood as “my God” or “God is exalted.” In this sense, it signifies a connection to the divine or a belief in a higher power. Heights or ascent: Another possible meaning of אילי is “heights” or “ascent.” It can be associated with the Hebrew word “עֲלִיָּה” (aliyah), which refers to going up or ascending. The name can symbolize reaching new heights, whether in personal growth, spirituality, or achievements. Oak tree: אילי is also connected to the Hebrew word “אַיִל” (ayil), which means “oak tree.” In this context, the name can be associated with strength, stability, and longevity, as the oak tree is known for its durability.

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Avron, Hasina, Karniela, Otzar, Veila

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