Bilta is a Hebrew name meaning “swallowed up”. This name appears in the Talmud as part of a well-known anecdote. According to the story, a group of rabbis were discussing a difficult legal matter when Bilta (also known as Nittai of Arbela) entered the room. Despite his reputation as a brilliant scholar, he failed to contribute to the conversation, and his colleagues questioned why he was so silent. Eventually, Bilta revealed that he had not been studying Torah lately, and felt as though he had been “swallowed up” by the demands of daily life. Bilta’s honesty inspired his friends to support him in his studies, and the story serves as a reminder of the importance of lifelong learning and communal support.


Similar Names:

These names have a similar theme to Bilta:

Bini, Rickl, Sleva, Tzevi, Yedidya

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