Choni is a unisex Hebrew name that means “gracious” or “full of grace”. The name originated from the Hebrew word “chen”, which means grace or favor. In Jewish culture, this name is often associated with individuals who demonstrate kindness and benevolence, and it is a popular choice for parents who seek to instill these values in their child. According to the Talmud, there was a famous Jewish scholar named Honi the Circle Drawer who was also known as Choni HaMagel. It is said that he once drew a circle in the sand and prayed for rain, and when it didn’t come, he refused to move from the circle until it did. His persistence and faith are often celebrated in Jewish tradition and continue to inspire those who bear the name Choni.


Similar Names:

These names have a similar theme to Choni:

Amitzah, Atid, Mirosha, Revah, Volf

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