Karmeli is a variation of the name Karmel that means “my vineyard” or “my fruitful garden”. This name may have been used by families to express personal attachment and ownership of the land, or as a way to express personal pride and joy in their children’s lives. The name Karmeli may have also been inspired by the biblical phrase “my beloved is to me a garden” from the “Song of Solomon”, expressing the deep and tender love between two people. A notable figure in Jewish history associated with the name Karmeli is Rabbi Yosef Karmel, a respected Talmudic scholar from Yemen who wrote extensive commentaries on Jewish law, demonstrating the intellectual and spiritual richness of Hebrew names throughout history.


Similar Names:

These names have a similar theme to Karmeli:

Bonchin, Gelima, Gilad, Matiya, Mitziya

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