Vridel is a unique Hebrew name that holds a sense of enchantment and beauty. Though not as widely known, Vridel is connected to the Hebrew word “verdele,” which means “rose” or “flower.” This name evokes imagery of delicate petals flourishing and blooming, symbolizing grace and elegance. It is a name that encompasses the beauty and wonder of nature. Choosing the name Vridel for a child can signify the parents’ appreciation for the natural world and their hope that their child will embody its elegance and resilience. Picture a young girl named Vridel, her name inspiring visions of vibrant gardens and enchanting fragrances, reminding us of the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us.

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These names have a similar theme to Vridel:

Berura, Dorent, Yankel, Yehoshua, Yentl

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