Yitzhak is a Hebrew name that holds a wealth of cultural and historical significance. It is the Hebrew form of “Isaac” from The Torah, who was the son of Abraham and Sarah. Yitzhak’s name means “he will laugh” or “he will rejoice.” According to the story, he was named Yitzhak because his elderly mother, Sarah, laughed with joy when she learned she would bear a child. This name embodies the sense of joy and celebration that Yitzhak brought to his parents and to the Jewish people as a whole. Those named Yitzhak might carry a spark of laughter and happiness, spreading joy wherever they go. Just imagine having a friend named Yitzhak, whose contagious laughter puts a smile on everyone’s face and reminds you of the joy that life can bring.

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Elior, Hana, Minna, Smadar, Zehari

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