Choosing A Hebrew Name

Selecting a Hebrew name is a profound and meaningful decision, one that carries with it a sense of tradition, culture, and identity.

Whether you are an expecting parent seeking a name for your newborn, someone who was born Jewish but was never given a Hebrew name, or someone converting to Judaism, this decision is a significant step in connecting with the rich tapestry of your community. Here, we offer guidance and insight to help you make this exciting choice.

Expecting Parents

Welcoming a New Life

Expecting parents are embarking on a remarkable journey when choosing a Hebrew name for their baby. This choice not only shapes the identity of their child but also connects the new life to generations past. Here’s how you can make this choice special:


Delve into the meanings and origins of Hebrew names. Our site holds thousands of names and variations of those names, each with a unique history and significance.

Family Heritage:

Consider family traditions and the names of loved ones. Search for their names on our site and find a name that speaks to you. Perhaps it isn’t exactly the same name as a loved one, but shares a unique theme or sounds similar to it. You can even choose a name that begins with the same letter or has a similar meaning. Our tools will help you find many names that share similar meanings, allowing you to create new family naming traditions while still honoring old ones.

If you never received a Hebrew name

Reconnecting with your heritage

For individuals born Jewish who have never received a Hebrew name, this is a unique opportunity to embrace this part of your identity. Here are some key things to consider when choosing your Hebrew name:

Exploring your roots:

Take inspiration from family customs and traditions. Names passed down through generations often carry deep familial connections and stories. Learn about your ancestry, and through our site, discover what their names meant to help you find a similar, meaningful name for yourself.

Traditional or Modern:

The history of Jewish names is deep and storied, from biblical names to modern Israeli names to non- Hebrew names that were historically brought into the fold. You can search for whatever speaks most to you, discovering the significance of each name before deciding which one suits you best.

Converting to Judaism

Embracing a New Identity

For those on a journey of conversion to Judaism, selecting a Hebrew name represents the embrace of a new identity and a connection to a rich heritage. Here’s how you can choose a Hebrew name that resonates with your newfound path:

Reflect on Your Spiritual Evolution:

Consider how your spiritual path has evolved and what values are now important to you. Your Hebrew name can reflect this transformation. Use our search to find names with significant meaning for you to reflect this transition and honor your new identity.

Consult with a Rabbi:

A Rabbi can offer guidance and support in choosing a name that aligns with your spiritual journey and aspirations. There are many famous and popular names for people who convert to Judaism, and your Rabbi can assist you in choosing one that’s right for you.

Celebrate Your Unique Journey:

Every person’s conversion story is unique. Your Hebrew name should reflect your personal experiences and the journey that led you to Judaism.

Consider Your Values

A Hebrew name is more than just a label; it’s a bridge that connects you to the timeless traditions, wisdom, and history of the Jewish people. It is an expression of identity and a reflection of the values and aspirations you hold dear. Keep these in mind, as many Hebrew names are built off of important virtues that we can help you discover.

Whether you are expecting a new addition to your family or embracing a new spiritual path through conversion, the act of choosing a Hebrew name is a profound and personal journey. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your heritage, connect with your roots, and chart a course for the future that is filled with meaning and significance. Embrace this process with thoughtfulness, and you will find a Hebrew name that resonates with you.

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