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What we have so far…

This initial version of HebrewNamer gives you access to our vast database of thousands of Hebrew names, along with their meanings, origins, and backstory of names from the most popular to the obscure, from the ancient to the more modern. This is a great tool, whether you are curious about the meaning of your Hebrew name, creating a shortlist of potential Hebrew names for a newborn, or searching for the perfect first-time Hebrew name for yourself.

Looking ahead…

Here are some other things that we are working on adding. After having a look, please take a moment to click through and complete our very brief survey to have your say about which features would be of greatest interest to you.

Name Builder

As you may know, your Complete Hebrew Name includes your Hebrew Name followed by your parents’ names, following an age-old formula. Our Name Builder Will help you assemble your Complete Hebrew name in no time, view it in Hebrew letters and share it with others.

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If you’ve got a little one on the way, you might be looking for a Hebrew name for them. We’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to search through the names on our site and create a Favorites list, so you can come back whenever you like to find the best name for your growing family.

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Family Name Storage

Why stop at just your name? With this feature, you’ll be able to save and store the names for your whole family, easily referencing them when you need to remember those names in the future.

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My Hebrew Name Kids Craft

This self print item would introduce and engage a child with their Hebrew name, tapping into their curiosity and desire to express themselves through art while introducing them to their Jewish heritage. With free, print-at-home templates, you and your little ones can create beautiful memories together.

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Complete Hebrew Name Honor Card

This 1-pager would be designed as a foldable “card size” print out with your Complete Hebrew name that you could hand to the Gabbai (or person who is organizing the honors) for use during synagogue services.

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Ketubah Signature Practice Page

Ketubahs, traditionally speaking, are signed by witnesses and the couple, in Hebrew. This page would include your Complete Hebrew names, in both block letters and cursive letters, with lines below for you, your partner, and even your witnesses to practice signing your names before the big day.

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Fine Art Hebrew Name Prints

These unique art pieces make for meaningful gifts from parent to child, grandparent to grandchild or from (grand)child to a (grand)parent who want to celebrate their history. These would be ready-to-hang items ranging from stretched canvas art pieces to intricate laser cuts, and possibly some hand-finished adornments such as Swarovski crystals, pearls, and 23K gold leaf.

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Self-serve Print Items for Rabbis, Mohels, Teachers, Synagogues, and Schools

If you are a Rabbi, Teacher, or represent an organization that would have repeated use for some of these features, then we want to help create more pieces tailored for other services that include Hebrew names. If you need a list of names for honors, or need to create individual cards for multiple people at once for your class/organization, then you’re exactly who we want to hear from.

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